The student application period for the 2020 Incandescent Summer Studio has closed. Student applications for the 2021 Incandescent Summer Studio program will open in early summer 2021.

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The Incandescent Studio is a unique online program combining the exclusivity of one-on-one writers' mentorship with classic workshop elements. Each week, you’ll attend live workshops, community peer-editing sessions, and meet with your mentor for individualized critique and portfolio discussion. You’ll also work together with other talented students to design and publish your very own anthology. By the end of 5 weeks, our students will have at least 8 different compositions to call their own. Find your voice and your community here in The Incandescent Studio.


The 2020 Incandescent Studio Program Co-Directors are Minnie Zhang and Ariel Kim.

Our mentors have been recognized by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the National YoungArts Foundation, The National Poetry Quarterly, the Library of Congress, the Poetry Society of the UK, and more. Many mentors are also alumni of the Iowa Young Writers Studio, the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, and the Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program.

Mentor applications for the 2021 Incandescent Summer Studio program will open in late spring, 2021.


Middle school students and high school underclassmen (rising 6th-11th grade) are eligible to apply for the program. In rare cases, we may admit an exceptionally talented and mature 5th grader.

Upon acceptance into the program, students will be split into two groups based on their age (10-12 year-olds, and 13-16 year-olds).

We are also open to international applicants! We only ask that applicants are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking in English, as at this time, our mentors are majority English-speaking.

We understand if internet connection or other complications interfere with Zoom calls, and we don't want that possibility to potentially dissuade anyone from applying. If a student is accepted and can't join us on Zoom for any legitimate reason, such as particularly conflicting timezones, faulty internet connection, etc., we're more than willing to work around the difficulties to ensure the student is able to fully participate in the program.

*It is free to apply to the Incandescent Summer Studio.


  • Mentorship: One-on-one Zoom calls with some of the top youth writers in the country. Calls are 30 minutes minimum, and students are given detailed feedback - at least 8 comments per submission.

  • Community: Our collaborative assignments, live workshops, and anthology process offer unique opportunities to befriend and network with talented writers like you. Meet lifelong friends and connections!

  • Live workshops: Classes will hold no more than 15 students at a time. All seminars will be recorded and posted to accommodate any scheduling conflicts. 

  • Community peer-editing sessions: Edit, discuss, and bounce your ideas off of each other during specially structured revision sessions! See how your work looks from a peer’s perspective. 

  • Anthology: Submit to, edit, and publish your very own anthology. Our mentors will introduce you to the publication process and share their own experiences with creating and submitting to literary magazines. Work together with fellow students to design your own themes and layout!

  • Guaranteed publication: As part of our program, students will produce and edit two articles of their choice for publication on our blog.


The 2020 online mentorship will take place over a 5-week period, from July 19 - August 22.


The tuition for the 2020 Incandescent Studio program is $99.

Our mentors are all volunteers, and 80% of all costs of tuition will go towards the National Alliance on Mental Illness, with the remaining 20% going to support The Incandescent Review's efforts to support young creators across the world. The funding will also be used to keep our magazine running, further contributing to our efforts to raise awareness for global issues and amplify diverse and honest youth voices during this time of crisis.

However, the last thing we want is for the tuition cost to be a barrier to any potential talented, passionate students who would thrive in our program, especially in light of the extraordinary financial uncertainty many families are currently facing due to COVID-19. Therefore, we are offering to waive full tuition for students who demonstrate financial need.

You are eligible for financial aid if you meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • You receive or are eligible to receive reduced-price or free school lunches.

  • You can provide a financial statement written and signed by either a parent or guardian over the age of 18 explaining any extenuating circumstances, such as temporary unemployment or unexpected medical bills.

Financial aid will be awarded upon acceptance into the program.

Further information required to apply for financial aid (such as family size, & 2018 or 2019 parental income) can be found in our application form.

*Note that the financial aid form may be found within the general student application form. Previously, we stated that the financial aid form would be separate from the general application form--this is no longer the case.

If you require financial assistance to attend this program, you must fill out and submit both sections of the application accurately and completely by 11:59 PM EST, June 20.


  • May 15 - Mentor applications close. (*We have extended the deadline from May 8 to May 15.)

  • May 17 - June 20 - Mentee applications are accepted.

  • July 1 - All applicants will be notified via email of our decision.

  • July 19 - August 22 - Program takes place.

  • August 22 - Student anthology is published on The Incandescent Review website. 


Email us at theincandescentstudio@gmail.com with the subject line, "Attn: The Incandescent Studio_Inquiry."

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