The Incandescent Review Film Competition

The first round of film submissions will open on Friday, July 31st, closing on Monday, August 10th, with winners selected and published on Friday, August 14th. The following Friday, features on the winning submissions will be published, such as interviews with winning filmmakers. Film competitions will run on a biweekly cycle, with winners selected every other week, and submissions accepted on a rolling basis.

Competition Rules & Guidelines


  • The film’s runtime including credits must not exceed 10 minutes (No minimum runtime)

  • The film may belong to any genre (narrative, documentary, horror, etc…)

  • The film’s content may feature violence, adult language, drugs, and/or other potential adult content.

  • All music, images, titles, footage and other copyrighted material used in your submission MUST be properly licensed. You must have permission and/or the proper rights to all content submitted. 



  • The film's Director must be aged 22 or younger

  • A film’s premiere status does not affect the film’s consideration, and it will remain eligible to win regardless of status

  • The film must have been produced after January 1st, 2019 to be eligible

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